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Mana Daily News (MDN) is one of the fastest growing news website in the two Telugu states and it caters to every individual in the society. MDN provides an innovative, interesting and powerful news that deliver compelling, diverse and visually engaging stories on your platform of choice.
Individually categorised to different genres, MDN acts as one of the great platform to provide news across the globe with utmost level of authenticity and real facts. Strong team of journalist backed up with senior media professionals are one of the key asset to the company in delivering the world class news at a regional level. Focussed mainly on the overall development of the society and committed in delivering the news as it is. MDN follows the highest ethical principles of media in composing every single news story.

We are committed to provide something for every news consumer with our comprehensive offerings that deliver the best in all news genres.
We are also a young group with efficiency and positive attitude, who love to welcome your feedback every time.

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